Franchise Operations

Franchises are not your typical small business. Each one is subject to payroll, taxes, timecards, and workers’ comp like a small business – but with the added complexities of a corporate umbrella. Franchise operators face a unique list of payroll and HR demands that require valuable time and energy. Horizon Payroll Solutions helps franchises integrate payroll and HR needs into a single solution that streamlines processes, improves performance and minimizes risk.

The People-Centric Approach

Horizon Payroll Solutions’ people-centric strategy has helped franchises across the country maximize time and risk management in payroll processing. People-centric strategy means not just crunching numbers, but recognizing the individuals behind them. It means answering each franchise’s needs with a balance of technology and personal attention from experts familiar with their team. Horizon Payroll Solutions starts each client relationship by assigning two dedicated points of contact – a certified payroll representative and your own payroll advisor. These are individuals who get to know you and become experts on your business. Whether it’s questions about state requirements, pay stubs, electronic deposit, W-2’s, reporting and more, you can pick up the phone and get answers from your dedicated expert – who knows you by name. Your dedicated advisor knows your specific preferences and needs, and can advise and alert you on changing requirements and opportunities. And unlike many other payroll companies, Horizon ensures its senior management team is readily available to speak with you about questions or concerns with your program.

Franchise Expertise

An issue with payroll or HR on the franchise level is personal. It affects an employee’s livelihood, monopolizes the time of operators and can result in extra costs and fines. Horizon Payroll Solutions understands this and ensures the accuracy and speed of franchise strategies by employing advisors with a minimum of three years of experience and requiring them to carry certifications that are updated through continuing education. These experts know your operations and preferences on a personal level and guide your business though ever-evolving requirements and state-specific regulations with the skill franchises need.

Our Technology, Your Advantage

Our focus on technology means there is a powerful online tool for every need, but our people-centric approach means you use the mix of online/offline tools that are fastest and easiest for your business. Online, e-mail, fax or phone, Horizon Payroll Solutions works the way that’s best for you.

Horizon Payroll Solutions custom designs our solutions to ensure technology streamlines your operations instead of getting in the way. Whether it’s payroll services or a complete suite of timekeeping, payment and HR solutions, our online tools give you instant access to everything you need for one or multiple franchises. This portal consolidates everything from employee information and payroll reports to Workers Compensation and timecards, unifying the most complex and sensitive elements of your business. Our intuitive interfaces eliminate re-keying and faxing of information for improved accuracy and faster transactions.

The Horizon Payroll Solutions Commitment

For years now, hundreds of franchise businesses across the country have grown their operation with Horizon Payroll Solutions. Your success translates to our success, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service for your business. See how our people-centric approach to payroll can help your business – contact Horizon Payroll Solutions today.