Ready Funds

Horizon’s Payroll Card Program allows your company to offer direct deposit for ALL of your employees… Even those without a bank account!

  • Employer Benefits
  • NO COST benefit that improves employee retention & morale
  • Reduce or eliminate Paper Checks
  • Streamline payroll distribution and increase productivity
  • Instant Issue ReadyFUND$ MasterCard Payroll Card available at point of hire
  • Reduce Bank Fees, Reconciliation, and Escheatment
  • Prevent Lost, counterfeit and stolen payroll checks
  • Employer Benefits
  • ReadyFunds Prepaid MasterCard with no monthly service charge
  • Access to 100% of their pay at no charge*
  • Unlimited point of sale purchases at no charge (signature, debit and cash back)
  • Access to their card account activity 24/7
  • More Secure… If card is lost, funds are not
  • Saves on banking & check cashing fees
  • Ready Fundscard

To get started, contact Horizon Payroll Solutions today, or click for more information about Ready Funds..