Main Product/Service

10 Wilmington Place is a family owned retirement community that has been in operation since 1986. With the dedication that only a family-owned business can provide, everyone is treated like one of the family. 10 Wilmington Place provides independent and assisted living, as well as a top-notch memory care facility.

Business Challenge

The most important job of any retirement community is taking care of its residents. With an open door policy for residents, the staff at 10 Wilmington focuses on the residents first. With three shifts working around the clock, efficiency in administration is key. Administrative personnel deal with resident and staff needs on a daily basis. Balancing payroll, HR and hiring requirements with the needs of the residents and staff is a huge challenge. 10 Wilmington has a very large employee structure with variable pay rates depending on department, service type and role. Managing payroll is another huge challenge. Any time savings or streamlining of process is extremely valuable.

Why I Chose Horizon Payroll Solutions

"Horizon allowed us to streamline all parts of the payroll, onboarding and document process. The level of customer service is amazing. With a single point of contact at Horizon, I no longer feel the need to check the reports I am sent. Our representative knows what I need and it will be right every time." Additionally, the availability of timekeeping, onboarding and HR solutions has saved 10 Wilmington countless hours of administrative and processing work.

How Horizon Payroll Solutions Helps My Business

The complexity of 10 Wilmington’s staff structure and frequent hiring to fill open positions means that Horizon’s onboarding service is frequently used. With approximately 60 new hires per year, Horizon’s services have saved 10 Wilmington over 120 hours of HR time in employee orientation and onboarding. "Additionally, we have been able to reduce our payroll processing reports from three hours per week internally to just 15 minutes." 10 Wilmington estimates a savings of $30,000 per year after switching to Horizon Payroll, due to decreased costs and increased efficiency at the administrative level.

Online Onboarding and Document Storage (Efficient Hire and gatherDocs)

The online system that Horizon Payroll deploys is a crucial step in allowing 10 Wilmington’s HR and Administrative teams to operate even more efficiently. With over 10 departments working 24/7, from Nursing and Dining to Maintenance and Housekeeping, Horizon’s online service has allowed for substantial savings. The system is so efficient that the need to hire a person specifically for HR was eliminated. With 10 Wilmington’s staff spread out, the online efficiency provided by Horizon Payroll allows 10 Wilmington to quickly and easily sort through new applicants and pick the best candidate for the position in a minimal amount of time. The system tracks I-9s and critical hiring documents and is compliant with IRS requirements. This reduces paperwork dramatically as the applicant and employee can update their information online. The tools are also a great vehicle for transmitting information such as policy and handbook changes that require employee acknowledgement. No longer do we have to track down each individual employee - they just do it online. Ultimately, it provides our team members more ownership and accountability.

Automated Timekeeping

10 Wilmington uses a fingerprint system for payroll timekeeping. Horizon Payroll provides system setup, implementation and support. The system is well liked by the staff, allowing them access to their own time cards without help from administration. Time is tracked down to the minute. Department heads can access their own payroll, allowing efficient processing of information for the entire company. Savings from exact on-time payroll are significant and the reliability of Horizon’s system has meant that down time and system errors have been minimal.

Payroll Services

With an employee market that is constantly changing, reliability in payroll is essential for 10 Wilmington. Regulations and needs change constantly, but Horizon stays on top of every detail. They make sure that 10 Wilmington has nothing to worry about and is always in compliance. Using Horizon for timekeeping, payroll and reporting has allowed for a higher quality of employee experience at 10 Wilmington, with on-time pay, virtually eliminating the need to re-run payroll. For 10 Wilmington, this was a problem solved by Horizon Payroll. Additionally, Horizon also takes care of 401k reporting, withdrawing all necessary data and assembling it into reports that are easy to read. With all of this taken care of, 10 Wilmington maintains high levels of administrative efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Why I Recommend Horizon

“…Because of the attention you get. They are very attentive to what I need. Their team knows us well enough to recommend new products and services that we need, before we know we do. I like that and have really learned to trust Horizon. They know our business and what we do in this building. I’m not a number to them, I’m a person. They actually will call and say, “Are you having any problems? Anything we can do to make your experience better?” Nobody does that! Switching to Horizon allowed us to streamline payroll, HR and onboarding from what we previously had, saving time and money. They provide us big company products at a small company price.”

-Christine Morris, Controller and Director of HR