Main Product/Service

Archer’s Tavern is a full-service restaurant and bar that has been in Centerville, OH since 2010.  A second location has recently opened in Kettering, OH. Archer’s Tavern focuses on providing great customer service and traditional American comfort food, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Archer’s is also known for their wide selection of draft beer. Unique to Archer’s is their ‘Sticky Burger,’ a twist on a traditional hamburger which is exclusive to Archer’s Tavern.

Business Challenge

The restaurant industry is notorious for high turnover rates, which, of course, creates difficulties and disruption for management. Some other challenges that face HR and payroll in the hospitality business, especially for Archer’s Tavern, are seasonal workers, different pay rates, errors in tip claiming and timekeeping, and even the complexity of third party payments such as child support.

In the past, the burden of these activities had been placed on the shoulders of the general managers. These burdens distracted them from the floor of the restaurant and kept them from focusing on revenue generating duties.  Payroll and associated activities that accompany it consumed a significant amount of time.  The team at Archer’s Tavern needed to find opportunities to improve efficiencies and let management do what they did best, run a profitable restaurant.

Why I Chose Horizon Payroll Solutions

Besides providing a more efficient payroll and onboarding system, “Horizon provides Archer’s Tavern with phenomenal customer service and flexibility, allowing the owners and managers peace of mind. Horizon makes Archer’s feel as if they are a partner, not a customer.  The Horizon team takes the time to learn our specific challenges and works closely with us to make us a better and more efficient organization. Their solutions are tailored exactly for the way we do business. They have helped remove the burden from our management team."

How Horizon Payroll Solutions Helps My Business

"With the level of customer service that is given by Horizon, the employees at Archer’s can focus their energy and attention on what is important in the business, providing outstanding food and great service. Switching to Horizon Payroll has simplified all payroll and HR processes for Archer’s and has resulted in an 80% reduction in payroll report processing time.  They handle every aspect of our payroll needs. Additionally, Horizon also saves Archer’s 15-20% direct cost savings from our previous payroll services.” With the challenges that come with a restaurant business, Archer’s depends on Horizon for their Online Onboarding, Payroll, and Recruiting services."

Online Onboarding (Efficient Hire)

Archer’s Tavern, like all other restaurants, experiences high turnover, a rate as high as 75%, which means that they are frequently hiring new employees. Horizon Payroll Solutions has simplified this process for both the employer and the employee. “Horizon’s 100% automated onboarding has helped Archer’s to eliminate paper and streamline the entire process.” With everything online, Archer’s can achieve simplicity and efficiency throughout the hiring process.  With the additional stress of changing laws and heavy scrutiny on all things hiring, “Horizon’s onboarding service also archives paperwork and information from previous workers and assures we are compliant with federal and state laws.  Horizon’s onboarding systems aide Archer’s in re-hiring employees, specifically college students who are returning for the summer, etc. The online system facilitates simple updating of the already existing records of seasonal employees, saving considerable time and paperwork. The system also notifies managers on whether the employee is eligible for rehire based on the terms that they left on."

Payroll Services

Reliability and accuracy in payroll is essential for Archer’s Tavern. In the restaurant industry, mistakes in tip claiming and timekeeping are common.  “The Horizon Payroll Solutions team and their attention to detail guarantees that everything is accurate and error free.” Along with many of the unique challenges faced by companies in the hospitality industry, it also is not uncommon to face court orders for child support.  Along with their payroll services, Horizon provides assistance with third party payments such as this.  These orders can be quite complicated and result in extra time and work for the employer.  “With the prior payroll provider, the Archer’s team had previously been responsible to ensure that these payments were accurate. Horizon has taken on this burden and ensures that everything is done timely and accurately. With constantly changing regulations, Horizon also stays up to date and makes sure that Archer’s owners and managers can sleep at night when it comes to payroll."

Why I Recommend Horizon

 “Horizon handles my payroll soup to nuts, beginning to end, to the point where I don’t worry about payroll. It’s hardly even a thought.  I focus on managing my labor and my productivity with my team members, and that’s all I need to do.  I know they are going to get paid, and I know they are going to get paid correctly.”

–Dan Apolito, Owner