Main Product/Service

Since 2009 the Fort Wayne TinCaps have offered a fun, family-oriented baseball experience to area residents. In their own words, the team is “committed to improving the community and being a leader in bettering the future for Northeast Indiana and the surrounding area.” In fact, they recently earned Ballpark Digest’s 2018 Continued Excellence Award. Active in Fort Wayne and the surrounding community, the team also makes regular charitable donations and local appearances, participates on boards and committees, runs a baseball-themed reading program for area schools, and promotes youth baseball through skills camps and fundraising opportunities

Business Challenge

The TinCaps hire 500 to 600 part-time, seasonal employees each year. It takes a long time to get them set up in the payroll system. What’s more, some of these employees come back to work for the team year after year, and must be reinstated each time. It’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of data to track. Because she doesn’t have an HR background, Cathy found tasks like payroll and ACA compliance to be daunting. They also divert time from her other duties. She’s worked with other payroll service providers, including some larger companies, that just didn’t provide the help and customer service she needed. What communication and assistance they offered were limited, which made it hard to get the job done in a timely manner. Cathy needed a payroll partner that was invested in her success.

Why I Chose Horizon Payroll Solutions

Cathy noticed right away that communication with Horizon was different from past vendors. The others didn’t stay in touch and rarely took time to explain things Cathy needed help with. She felt they didn’t really care about her situation. Horizon impressed her by going over things step-by-step and getting to know her business on a personal level. She also liked that Horizon uses the same payroll platform as her previous provider, which meant she could hit the ground running: no software to learn, no extra time spent figuring out a new data system. Another plus is having easy access to her account information online. She can easily make updates and changes and send her data to the Horizon team, even away from the office. It’s convenient and flexible.

How Horizon Payroll Solutions Helps My Business

Managing Seasonal Employee Records Managing over 500 employees is a challenge, but seasonal employment adds another layer of complexity. Onboarding and offboarding each person, tracking paperwork, payroll taxes, and deductions (such as wage garnishment or401k contributions) could easily take up the entire minor league season! Horizon helps the TinCaps by storing employee data so each person can be de-activated or reinstated with a few clicks. Cathy says Horizon’s system for adding new employees is easier than others they have worked with. Horizon is able to handle whatever changes she has for them, including setting up new employee accounts, whether it’s one a day or 10. It makes March through May, their busiest time of year, easier for everyone. Providing Ongoing Customer Service and Communication Cathy never wonders if she will hear back from her personal payroll specialist at Horizon. She knows she’ll always get a response, and she won’t have to re-explain her situation multiple times. When you have as many part-time and seasonal employees as the TinCaps do, and the ever-changing payroll data that results, efficient communication is critical. Each pay period, she sets up their payroll data, then sends it to Horizon to process. Changes are easy to make if necessary. She gets checks back, ready to distribute. She’s able to keep part of the payroll task in-house, and appreciates that Horizon works with her to get the job done. Working Together to Save Time Horizon works with Cathy to keep payroll manageable on her terms. Instead of feeling crunched for time on her payroll provider’s tight schedule, Cathy now has time to send in last-minute changes to payroll, and there are always last-minute changes in this industry. ACA reporting is another service that saves Cathy time and energy. She prepares employee data, notifies her Horizon specialist, and they take care of the rest. What used to take almost a month to do by herself now takes a day or two with help from Horizon.

Why I Recommend Horizon

“Customer service is a big priority for us and Horizon really holds true to that. They go above and beyond, saving us time with their expertise and service!” “I don’t have to tell our story to different people over and over and get different answers each time. The whole Horizon team has gotten to know us and our systems.”

Cathy Tinney, HR Administrator and Office Manager