Helping In-home Healthcare Stay Focused on Caregiving Instead of Payroll

Eldercare is ongoing, with many changing needs and unique situations. Visiting Angels is a leader in the in-home healthcare industry helping seniors and their families meet these challenges. On its website, Visiting Angels says, “we will provide top quality care that enables your loved one to maintain their independence and dignity. Our professional, compassionate caregivers will work closely with your loved one so they can continue to live at home and enjoy the lifestyle that makes them content.”

Unfortunately, administrative tasks sometimes divert time and energy from these core aspects of business. Payroll is one example, requiring managers and administrators to calculate overtime, maintain ACA compliance, and keep up with tax and employment law changes.

Some Visiting Angels franchises do payroll work in-house and some outsource, but at times, neither approach is satisfactory. After all, in small businesses like these, payroll expertise and customer service are the keys to getting the job done on time and without errors. This is where Horizon Payroll Solutions excels. We’ll give you a dedicated payroll expert, responsive customer service, and benefits and services that employees need and appreciate.

Case studies from three of our Visiting Angels clients will show you how we can help:




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