Main Product/Service

Visiting Angels of Tulsa is owned by Page Cole. The franchise has been in business for 14 years and currently has offices in Tulsa, Bartlesville, and Oklahoma City. They employ 150 caregivers and serve approximately 150 families in these metro areas. Page, a former pastor, says of his company, “we are able to enter a family situation where there’s worry about the future, and bring them options; where there is confusion and bring them helpful information, or where there’s fear, and bring them peace.”

Why I recommend Horizon Payroll Solutions

“Horizon has been a great fit for us! Working with Horizon has helped free up time for me to work on other things. And our staff is enjoying the ability to draw funds from their checks early through ZayZoon.“

“If there is an issue, the staff responds, and are able to get me the answers to questions, fix mistakes, etc., in a timely manner. I have been very happy that we switched to Horizon.”

-Nathan Cole, Administrator at Visiting Angels of Tulsa

Business Challenge

In 2011, Page Cole purchased a third franchise in Bartlesville, which expanded their employee count. Even though they already outsourced payroll, their provider was unable to handle that increase. To further complicate things, their three locations are owned by two different corporations, which means keeping records separated correctly. As a result, Visiting Angels of Tulsa’s Administrator, Nathan Cole, found his time and effort were diverted away from mission-critical tasks.

Why I chose Horizon Payroll Solutions

Horizon’s services give Nathan and his employees more time and flexibility so they can focus on the work of serving families. Nathan no longer has to input payroll information each pay cycle, and his questions are answered quickly. Horizon was also able to integrate its payroll services with the other vendors that Nathan’s team works with. What’s more, their previous payroll company did not offer a paycheck access program like ZayZoon, which some of his staff have taken advantage of.

How Horizon Payroll Solutions Helps My Business

Responsive Customer Service

Nathan appreciates that time he used to spend on payroll is now free for other tasks. Stephanie, his dedicated Horizon payroll specialist, understands their business model and the importance of maintaining separate records for both of the corporations comprising Visiting Angels of Tulsa’s operations. Updates and corrections are made quickly when needed.

Extras Employees Appreciate

Visiting Angels of Tulsa also uses Horizon’s ZayZoon service. It allows employees to draw from their paychecks as needed during the pay cycle, without incurring any debt. With it they have the flexibility to meet changing budget needs as they arise, using funds they’ve already earned. It’s an attractive benefit for job prospects and a way to encourage retention of current employees. Nathan’s staff is happy to have access to this service, which was not available from the previous payroll provider.