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Providing sick leave for employees far outweighs the risk of not offering it.  Studies have shown that 30% of workers reported that they contracted the flu from a colleague. 

With sick leave comes extra things to track and administer.  Our checklist will help you break it down and avoid timekeeping issues related to sick time management.

Our list will help with:

  • Record keeping – What do you need to track?
  • Sick Time Policy – Do you have a written policy for your company?
  • Data gathering, review, and reporting – How do you currently record, review and report your data?
  • Compliance – Do you know the rules to stay in compliance in your state?
  • Scheduling – Do you have a system for scheduling and what rules are in place?


Our check list walks you through each of these areas and helps you see the full picture of managing and administering your paid sick leave program.  Apply best practices to your sick leave program without checklist.