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Featured blog post

How Long Should Employee Onboarding Take

Featured blog post

Tips For Success With Seasonal Employees

Our Team

Payroll and HR strategy requires intelligent technology, personal attention and specialized expertise in the needs and nuances of your business. 

Clients & Industries

We provide payroll and tax processing services for businesses from 1 to 1,000 employees or more. Today, we have nearly 1,000 customers in 40 states.

Horizon Payroll Helps You Stop Pushing Paper and Start Pushing Your Business

Automation can save businesses of all sizes time and money every payday. An automated payroll system eliminates mistakes, ensures workers are paid on time, and helps employers to remain in compliance with employment, labor and tax laws. Plus, it allows HR departments and business owners to focus on building the business instead of chores.

Horizon Payroll Solutions - Save time and money on payroll managment



Part of Your Team

We are not a tool or hands-off DIY solution. We act as an expert extension of your team, saving you maximum time and money.

Personalized Solutions

Not a one-size-fits all approach. Our experts create the perfect solutions and resources tailored to the needs of your business, specifically.

Reduce Your Workload

Smaller businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. We take payroll off your plate and allow you to focus on the future vision of your business.

Our Payroll Solutions Save You Time and Money

Success Stories Frequently Asked

Business owners, office managers or HR professionals spend almost five hours of every working day taking care of basic payroll tasks. This is what researchers from a leading polling firm discovered when they interviewed more than a thousand entrepreneurs.

Over the course of a year, that adds up to an entire working month lost to basic chores that an automated system could take care of almost instantaneously.

HR Support

Horizon keeps track of changes to wage and hour laws and workplace regulations so you can concentrate on more important matters. Our custom employee handbooks, job descriptions and HR documents are revised automatically when changes are needed to keep you compliant, and our HR On-Demand service allows you to consult with an experienced HR professional online or over the phone whenever you have a question or need help.

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Payroll Management

Our payroll management services set industry standards with a cloud-based interface that allows our clients to view and approve payroll from anywhere and in real-time and general ledger integration that eliminates manual processing and streamlines back-end accounting processes. You won’t have to call IT to create custom dashboards or reports as this is done with simple drag-and-drop commands, and our proprietary software even sends out alerts when tax notices require a response or payments are due.

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Time & Attendance

Workers who are not compensated for the hours they work tend to get upset even when they are paid on time. Horizon’s automated scheduling and timekeeping solutions prevent this from happening, and they also reduce errors and eliminate redundancy. Adding flexibility to scheduling improves workplace morale and avoids coverage gaps, and electronic monitoring puts an end to fraud like buddy punching that costs American employers more than $373 million each year.

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Hiring & Onboarding

Businesses are most successful when everybody is pulling in the same direction, which requires an enthusiastic and motivated team. Horizon can help you to build such a team with Jobalign data driven help-wanted advertising to attract top talent and a Smart Apply process that improves completion rates by as much as 400%. Once you have the right candidates on board, our cloud-based interface and automated onboarding process will make them feel right at home.

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Benefits Management

Benefits make employees feel valued and appreciated, and Horizon has some of the best. FlexibleStaffCARE provides affordable health care benefits at little or no cost to employers, and SaveDay offers excellent retirement benefits with no setup, monthly or per employee fees. ZayZoon offers hourly workers an affordable alternative to payday lenders and BenefitEd is a student loan repayment program that could make your company very attractive to recent college graduates.

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“We worked with Horizon to get our ERC (Employee Retention Credit) submitted and processed.  Horizon’s data was exactly what my accountant and I needed to prepare the necessary forms. We secured close to a $500,000 credit as a result!”

Operations-Services-Logo  Jim Berry

Operations Services, Inc.

“Horizon provides Archer’s Tavern with phenomenal customer service and flexibility, allowing the owners and managers peace of mind. The Horizon team takes the time to learn our specific challenges and works closely with us to make us a better and more efficient organization."

archers-1DAN APOLITO

Archer's Tavern


We have served thousands of companies.

Horizon provides payroll and HR services to companies of all sizes. Here are some of the companies that we have helped to grow:

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Supporting your business — however you need it.

No two businesses are alike. See how our flexible, modular, grow-with-you solutions can help create freedom and bring new success to your business.

Horizon Payroll's Solutions and Services

An automated payroll system works best and provides maximum benefits when it is part of an integrated approach that covers every aspect of HR from recruiting and hiring to onboarding and retention. Horizon makes HR integration a snap with a suite of products and services that were designed to make life easier for business owners, administrators and employees, and they can be combined to create a custom solution for any business.

A Partnership Between Experts: Payroll Management For CPAs & Accounting Firms

Partnering with Horizon creates an opportunity to outsource payroll management to our experts, who are dedicated to precision and compliance while allowing you to reallocate your valuable internal resources more effectively.

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Featured Resources

The HR world is constantly changing, so we take steps to make sure that our clients always have the latest information. In addition to great HR solutions and services, we offer several useful online resources. 

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