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How Best to Manage Seasonal Employees Handbook is a two-part eBook series our experts created to help guide you through the seasonal employment process from start to finish. You’ll learn best practices for managing seasonal employees and how to create a solid plan you can use year after year.

Topics covered include:

  • Determining employment status & tax responsibilities
  • Recruiting & onboarding
  • Seasonal employment law compliance
  • Managing the day-to-day of seasonal workers
  • Building next seasons' workforce 

When You Own the Risk of Being an Employer, Every Penny Counts.

Do you know if you're eligible for up to $9,600 in WOTC tax credits?


Many businesses simply overlook these tax credits, intimidated by their complexities, and they are missing out.

We handle all the paperwork and compliance to get you the maximum tax credit.

If you hire anyone from the following categories, you're eligible for WOTC:

  • Food stamp recipient
  • TANF or SSI recipient
  • Unemployed for 6+ months
  • Veteran
  • Former inmate

Keep in mind - time is of the essence. Once you officially hire someone, the clock begins ticking. 

You only have 28 days to submit paperwork.

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Automate Your Onboarding So Your New Hire Can Get To Work

Horizon Payroll Solutions offers 100% automated onboarding. The process is customized for the needs of your business and can include:

  • Secure onboarding form submission
  • Government compliance forms AND your company's specific forms
  • Automatic data storage and backup
  • A cloud-based, easily accessible personnel file
  • Employee monitoring
  • Easy edits to stored documents such as your employee manual and other policies
  • Much more

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Please contact your employer directly. Horizon Payroll does not have any password information, W2 info or paystub info.

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Note: If you're searching for personal employment information, such as pay stubs, W-2s, passwords, etc., please contact your employer directly. Horizon Payroll Solutions is unable to access or share this personal information. 

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Horizon Payroll Can Help Protect Your Identity with LifeLock Proactive Theft Protection. 

The Impact of Identity Theft

With just a few pieces of key information, identity thieves can commit many kinds of fraud.
The Impact of Identity Theft

Talk to your employer about this proactive identity theft solution. 

In today’s always-connected world, that’s more important than ever. You’re at risk every time you bank online, search, shop, text or tweet. LifeLock helps stop identity fraud before the damage can be done, and if you do become a victim, we know exactly what to do. In fact, LifeLock protects you in ways that you can’t protect yourself.

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