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Helpful tax and HR alerts to help keep your business compliant.

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Payroll and tax-related forms and documents.


Horizon's blog provides valuable insight into payroll, compliance, human resources, and more.

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See our client success stories for a case study on how we can help your business.

Featured blog post

How Long Should Employee Onboarding Take

Featured blog post

Tips For Success With Seasonal Employees

Our Team

Payroll and HR strategy requires intelligent technology, personal attention and specialized expertise in the needs and nuances of your business. 

Clients & Industries

We provide payroll and tax processing services for businesses from 1 to 1,000 employees or more. Today, we have nearly 1,000 customers in 40 states.

Horizon's Additional Solutions for Businesses

The advent of the information age gave rise to dreams of a paperless office, but the reality has not quite lived up to these aspirations. Business owners today have access to technology that would have seemed unimaginable not that long ago, but they also have to deal with far more laws and regulations. Some of the most complex rules deal with hourly pay and other HR issues but complying with them does not have to be an ordeal. Horizon offers solutions that make compliance easy, and we provide our services with a personal touch.

Horizon's Additional Solutions for Businesses

The advent of the information age gave rise to dreams of a paperless office, but the reality has not quite lived up to these aspirations. Business owners today have access to technology that would have seemed unimaginable not that long ago, but they also have to deal with far more laws and regulations. Some of the most complex rules deal with hourly pay and other HR issues but complying with them does not have to be an ordeal. Horizon offers solutions that make compliance easy, and we provide our services with a personal touch.

“Horizon provides that small business customer service that you just don’t get with the bigger providers. They’re even willing to reach out to the state or the bank with questions on our behalf and keep us in the loop on the outcome.”

VisitingAngels  Rhonda Colony

  Visiting Angels

“Horizon Payroll always keep us updated on any NEW technology, that will assist us to make our jobs more efficient.  We have worked with other payroll companies in that past, but Horizon Payroll has been the best to work with by far!”

fort-wayne-tincaps  David Lorenz

  Fort Wayne TinCaps

Are There Any Other Ways that Horizon Can Help My Business?

Success Stories Frequently Asked

Horizon does much more than provide professional payroll solutions. We understand the challenges businesses face in the information age, and we know how difficult it can be to keep workers happy while complying with a myriad of federal and state laws.

Our solutions automate common tasks and prevent mistakes, and our experts are never more than a call or click away.

25. Professional HR Consulting

Payroll and HR Consultations

Complying with wage and hour laws, dealing with official forms, and keeping workers happy and motivated can be challenging even at the best of times. When the demands of a busy workplace become overwhelming, Horizon clients can turn to a team of experienced and caring professionals for help.


33. Expert Insights

Education and Expert Insights

Our experts can also provide you with advice and tips that could keep you out of trouble or add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Our experts scrutinize new tax and HR regulations carefully, and they send out alerts whenever they notice something that could leave our clients vulnerable to official sanctions or cost them money. When the Work Opportunity Tax Credit was introduced, we let our clients know right away that they only had 28 days to submit the required paperwork and claim up to $9,600.


16. Minimize Manual Effort for Timekeeping

Employer and New Business Resources

Horizon speeds up processing times and prevents payroll mistakes, and we also give our clients access to important business resources. They can complete, download and print important tax and HR documents, and they can order the latest workplace posters required by federal and state labor laws.


24. HR On-Demand

Easy Login Portal

Our login portal has been designed to take some of the stress out of completing payroll and HR tasks. Logging in takes only a few seconds, and the interface has been designed to make accessing commonly used features easy. Our IT professionals can even create customized dashboards for clients with specific needs.


31. Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Posters

Federal and state laws require employers to post information about OSHA safety regulations, worker rights, the minimum wage and other important matters, and these rules are often changed. The penalties for falling to meet these requirements can be severe, but Horizon takes the hard work out of compliance. We provide our clients with access to labor law posters that meet all current local, state and federal standards, and we update them whenever changes are made.


7. Alerts and Reminders

Tax and HR Alerts

Modern businesses are expected to comply with dozens of federal and state laws dealing with payroll and HR issues, and the penalties for violating them can be harsh. When new laws are passed or existing regulations are revised, Horizon sends and alert directly to your inbox.


32. Downloadable Forms and Documents

Downloadable Forms and Documents

Important HR and tax forms are just a click away with Horizon Payroll Solutions, and you can be sure that any document you download will be the latest version. To free up even more time in your HR department, we offer an employee self-service feature that allows your workers to download and print W2s and paystubs directly.


Add-On Solutions for HR and Payroll Management

A streamlined payroll solution eliminates repetitive chores and saves money, and it can be integrated with additional features that provide even more benefits. These features protect sensitive data and help you to screen candidates more effectively, and they make it easy for your workers to access their money.


Fully Integrated Solutions for Businesses

Business solutions that look good on paper lose their luster quickly if they are incompatible with existing IT systems and infrastructure. Horizon offers a cloud-based solution that can be accessed by any connected device, and it has been engineered to work flawlessly with all of the most popular business applications.




Choosing the person to fill a crucial role can be a disastrous mistake for any business, but thorough background and reference checks are expensive and add time to the hiring process. Horizon has teamed up with Verified First to provide business owners with a solution to this problem. The Verified First platform allows you to create customized screening packages for each job role, and it integrates seamlessly with your applicant tracking system to make life easier for your HR personnel.

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Studies have shown that workers think benefits are just as important as salaries, and they particularly appreciate benefits that show employers care about them. To make sure that our clients stay competitive in a fierce job market, we give them access to benefits like Norton LifeLock. Norton gives your employees three layers of protection against identity theft backed by the industry’s most sophisticated encryption technology.

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Employees can’t wait for payday. With ZayZoon Earned Wage Access, they don’t have to. 89% of employees who use ZayZoon report less financial stress and employers who offer ZayZoon boast a 29% reduction in turnover.

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Payro is the solution to a common business challenge: covering payroll when cash is tight without going into long-term debt. Payro offers positive cash-flow businesses flexible, low-cost funding to ensure they can cover payroll on time, every time. With Payro, companies with inconsistent cash flow have a safety net that allows them to make payroll with a short-term loan at a low-interest rate.

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Direct deposit makes payday less stressful for both employers and employees, and Horizon clients can offer this benefit even to workers who do not have bank accounts. There is no cost to enroll for either workers or businesses, and the Rapid! Paycard gives employees access to all of their pay immediately.

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Why Partner with Horizon Payroll?

Many companies offer payroll and HR services, so why should you partner with Horizon? What sets Horizon apart is our personal touch. We know that each of the numbers we process when we handle your payroll represents a human being, which is why we always go the extra mile.

Our Trusted Solutions for Payroll and HR

When clients onboard with Horizon Payroll Solutions, we provide them with a certified payroll representative to ensure their needs are met and a dedicated payroll advisor to answer questions and provide advice. Our solutions have been trusted by companies around the country for decades, and they are constantly evolving to meet the latest challenges.

Dedicated and Professional Service Since 1981

Horizon has been helping businesses of all sizes since 1981. Our business has grown consistently because of our dedication and exceptional customer service, and referrals are still one of our primary sources of new clients. When you choose Horizon, you put decades of experience on your side.


If you read our case studies page, you will see that we are often regarded as a partner and not a vendor. Our clients are happy because their happiness is our primary goal, and we are truly grateful for the appreciation they show us. 


Read Success Story

“Horizon allowed us to streamline all parts of the payroll, onboarding and document process. The level of customer service is amazing. With a single point of contact at Horizon, I no longer feel the need to check the reports I am sent. Our representative knows what I need and it will be right every time.”

10WilmingtonPlace-Logo  CHRISTINE MORRIS

 10 Wilmington Place

Contact Horizon Today for More Information

If you would like to know more about the ways Horizon Payroll Solutions can help you to improve efficiency, save money and avoid stress, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our HR or tax experts by calling (888) 434-8244, or you could use our online form to ask us a question.

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