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How Long Should Employee Onboarding Take

Featured blog post

Tips For Success With Seasonal Employees

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We provide payroll and tax processing services for businesses from 1 to 1,000 employees or more. Today, we have nearly 1,000 customers in 40 states.

Benefits Management Solutions

Horizon has partnered with several providers to offer unique benefits that your employees will love. Even better, having these benefits available will make members of your workforce less likely to leave after you’ve spent time and money on their onboarding process. The perks we offer also provide your employees with financial stability, which will allow them to have a better work-life balance. Begin your company’s new benefit journey today!

Employee Benefit Solutions

Horizon has partnered with several providers to offer unique benefits that your employees will love. Even better, having these benefits available will make members of your workforce less likely to leave after you’ve spent time and money on their onboarding process. The perks we offer also provide your employees with financial stability, which will allow them to have a better work-life balance. Begin your company’s new benefit journey today!

“With today’s competitive employee landscape,  I look to provide benefits to attract and retain employees.  Horizon provided a low-cost medical insurance option that include medical, dental and disability insurance that is very attractive.  I believe it provides prospective employees with a very positive introduction.”

VisitingAngels  Wayne BRodnan

  Visiting Angels

“The Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball Club and Horizon Payroll are going into our 6th year of our partnership. Horizon Payroll has been great to work with! We always have someone we can reach out to, if and when we have a question or two.”

fort-wayne-tincaps  David Lorenz

  Fort Wayne TinCaps

Creative Employee Benefits for Businesses

Success Stories Frequently Asked

Standing out in today’s marketplace has become even more essential than ever before. In the past, workers were the ones who dealt with the brunt of nervousness that is associated with job hunting. Now, however, many companies have had a much more difficult time finding qualified people to fill their open job roles.

Read more about Horizon's benefits solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

How Can I Benefit from Horizon’s Employee Benefit Solutions?

As an employer, you stand to benefit greatly from Horizon’s worker benefits. Each benefit we offer can make your employees feel more appreciated, and this goes a long way toward motivating prosocial behavior.

If you don’t make your team members feel appreciated, they’re not going to stick around for long. In fact, the American Psychological Association discovered that feeling appreciated at work is linked to better mental and physical health, along with higher levels of satisfaction, motivation and engagement.

According to, the number one way that a company can express appreciation toward an employee is through offering a fair compensation package. This should include not only their base pay, but also a solid benefits package.



Attract and Retain Employees Through Benefits

The benefits you offer are part of your overall package for employees. Therefore, you should be sure you talk about them, especially when you interview someone who seems like a perfect fit for your company. Remember: the more benefits you can offer, the better chance that they’ll sway someone’s decision-making process.

It's Costing You Money NOT Having These Benefit Solutions

When it comes down to it, you’re likely going to have a less successful business unless you start offering quality benefits. It may seem like the cost of providing benefits is an issue, but some of Horizon’s benefits don’t cost a single penny for employers. Even benefits that do cost the company something will be offset by the quality employees they attract. As an added bonus, we take on most aspects of benefits administration for you!



28. Personalized HR Documents

Easy-to-Use and Integrated Benefit Systems

A really nice aspect of Horizon’s benefits is that they use integrated technology for a simple setup. In other words, you won’t have to manage your benefits through several separate programs or websites. Instead, it will all be available through one management system.


9. Competitive Pay & Benefits

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Have you wondered why so many fast-food places and restaurants have shorter hours these days? The answer is simple: they don’t tend to offer competitive pay and solid benefits. Don’t make the same mistake.


21. Workforce Management

Affordable Health Insurance

Everyone needs access to health care solutions. Do you offer health plans that are actually affordable, or do they come with a huge deductible and monthly payment? Making the switch to affordable healthcare options such as the ones offered by HealthWrap (Flexible StaffCARE) will show your employees that you care about them. Additionally, your company absorbs almost none of the health costs.


11. Retirement Savings & 401k Plans

Retirement and 401(k) Plans

A shocking 49% of American adults between the ages of 55 and 65 have zero dollars in a retirement fund. If you offer a 401(k) or any other type of retirement plan, you’re going to help your workers, along with helping you hire better people. Be sure to check out SaveDay and enjoy working with a third-party administrator. We provide enrollment assistance if needed.


12. Customized Payday Options

Customized Payday Options

Employees want to control when they get paid and how. About 12 million Americans use a payday loan option each year, although only 14% can repay the loan in a timely fashion. Rather than causing your employees to take on one of these exorbitantly expensive loans, you can offer them a customized payday option through ZayZoon instead. With ZayZoon Earned Wage Access, you can offer on-demand pay instantly at no extra cost. Businesses that leverage ZayZoon, attract 2x more applicants than competitors and experience up to a 29% reduction in turnover.


13. Student Loan Repayment Plans

Student Loan Repayment Programs

Student loans are a tremendous problem for 43.4 million borrowers. The average amount that’s owed is $37,104, and that’s simply out of reach for far too many former students. Offering a student loan repayment program like BenefitEd will make workers less likely to look elsewhere for employment. After all, you’ll help them achieve their goal of becoming debt free!


Restructure Your Employee Benefits Program to Match What Jobseekers and Employees Want

There are many different versions of employee benefits. What you must do is look at what type of benefits your employees truly want and offer them. Having a lot of benefits won’t do you any good if they’re mostly useless to your workers. Rather, what you need is a full-service benefits department that is low-cost and truly provides for your workers.


Employee Turnover is Time-Consuming and Expensive

Did you know that every time you experience turnover that it costs your business anywhere from one-half to two times each employee’s annual salary? American businesses pay a combined $1 trillion per year contending with turnover. As you can see, the cost of providing quality benefits is definitely less than taking the initially cheaper route.


Our Benefits Experience

There is no one who has to punch a clock everyday who doesn’t want to receive a competitive benefits package. To highlight this, please check out the words of some of our customers.

“Our 401K plan thru Horizon provides yet another option for our employees with no headache for us to manage and a built-in feature to connect this to payroll for seamless administration. Another reason why we work with Horizon. They bring solution solutions to the table for us and our employees.”


VisitingAngels   WAYNE BRODNAN

  Visiting Angels

Contact Horizon Today for More Information

Are you ready to begin providing a whole new level of employee benefits? Contact us to learn more about our cost-effective employee benefits plans. At Horizon Payroll Solutions, we’ll partner with you to provide decision support and to ensure you have the exact package of services you need!

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