How It Works

Horizon Payroll Solutions has completed thousands of new client implementations, so we are very familiar with the nuances of payroll and how to create an optimal system for your needs. In most cases our implementation is completed in as little as 7-10 days (faster if needed), which includes these three main phases of the setup process:

  • Kickoff Meeting: We meet with you to discuss your account needs and collect information.
  • System Input And Training: We input the collected information into our system and schedule a time to provide any needed training for your staff. Once everything is set up, you’re ready for your first payroll with Horizon.
  • Test Run And Quality Control: After processing your first payroll, Horizon Payroll Solutions will review the results with you to ensure it is done to your requirements.

Horizon Payroll Solutions will also work with your employee benefits provider, retirement plan adviser and/or accountant to provide them with information they might need from the payroll records. With our experienced staff and systems, payroll transitions can be made anytime during the year. Horizon Payroll Solutions will even guide you through the legal compliance registration process that involves payroll. (e.g., withholding, unemployment, workers compensation, etc…)

The Horizon Payroll Solutions Commitment
For years now, businesses across the country have grown their operations with Horizon Payroll Solutions. Your success translates to our success, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service for your business. contact Horizon Payroll Solutions today, to learn how our people-centric approach to Payroll Services can help your business.