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Federal Labor Law Poster Program

State and federal law requires employers to post labor law notices in the workplace.

These mandatory postings pertain to OSHA, Federal Minimum Wage, FMLA, USERRA and state-specific issues. Failure to post mandatory labor law notices can result in hefty fines and lawsuits.  

Horizon can help. We've made these state and federal notices available to you in laminated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Posters, all at wholesale prices. Click here to order All-in-One State and Federal Labor Law Posters for your business.   

Labor Law Poster Updates

Labor law postings can change at any time, and it's the employer's responsibility to stay up-to-date. Click here to view a list of State & Federal Labor Law Posting updates from 2003 - 2016. Overwhelmed? Let us take the worry and work out of staying compliant. Our labor law poster update services automatically keep you up-to-date with labor law notice changes that will affect you. When a change occurs, we'll make sure your posters are compliant.

How Does the Labor Law Poster Update Service Work?

Our Worry-Free Poster Solutions offer two easy ways to stay up-to-date. Both update services are backed by a $25,000 "We Pay The Fine" guarantee.

1. E-Update Service

Upon activation, you'll receive a laminated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster delivered to your location. You'll be compliant in four easy steps:

  • When a change occurs, we call and alert you. We also email the updated posting straight to your inbox as a downloadable PDF file.
  • Print the updated posting on your printer.
  • Display the updated posting alongside your current labor law poster.
  • Receive an updated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster every year on the anniversary of your subscription. Shipping & handling included.
2. Poster Replacement Solution

Upon activation, you'll receive a laminated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster delivered to your location. When a mandatory change occurs in State or Federal Labor Law posting requirements, we'll automatically ship you a new All-In-One State & Federal Law Replacement Poster.

See below for additional information on both services.