Attract and Retain Employees with Creative Benefit Solutions.

Providing unique benefits that give your employees the flexibility they need is an effective way to attract and retain employees. 

Employee turnover is time-consuming and expensive. Our benefit solutions will give your employees the financial stability they need for a balanced life, reducing stress and improving retention. With easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated systems, our unique benefits will save you time and money. 

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Student Loan Repayment with BenefitEd

With a student loan repayment program, employers contribute funds to be paid directly toward employees’ student loans. Helping employees lower their debt has an immediate positive outcome on a person’s financial wellness, providing higher employee retention for you.  BenefitEd creates a program that fits your specific needs based on:

  • Your Size
  • Employee Demographics
  • Unique Recruitment and Retention Goals

Identity Theft Protection with LifeLock

Horizon Payroll Solutions is proud to partner with LifeLock Benefit Solutions to offer our clients and their employees proactive identity theft protection. Help
 safeguard your finances, credit and good name. In today’s always-connected world, that’s more important than ever. LifeLock offers three layers of protect:

  • Detect
  • Alert
  • Restore



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