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Applicant Tracking

Recruiting. Just keeping track of the incoming paperwork can be a full-time job. Manage easily your job postings, grading applicants and more. 

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Employee Screening

Screening new hires should be an important part of your hiring process. With affordable background screening, you can prevent a costly mistake.

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Employee Onboarding

Onboarding an employee can be expensive and time consuming. Your new hires can easily and quickly complete paperwork and other company forms.

WOTC Screening

Don't be intimidated by the complexities of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and miss out on credits up to $9,600. We simplify the process.

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ACA Automation

Stay compliant with IRS filings and minimize paperwork with our simplified solution. Notify employees and keep up with data tracking and reporting.


Helpful Onboarding Resources

How Best to Manage Seasonal Employees Handbook (including onboarding!) 

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How Best to Manage Seasonal Employees Handbook is a two-part eBook series our experts created to help guide you through the seasonal employment process from start to finish. You’ll learn best practices for managing seasonal employees and how to create a solid plan you can use year after year.

Topics covered include:

  • Determining employment status & tax responsibilities
  • Recruiting & onboarding
  • Seasonal employment law compliance
  • Managing the day-to-day of seasonal workers
  • Building next seasons' workforce

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Applicant Tracking


Jobalign’s data-driven Intelligent Job Advertising attracts the best hourly talent.  The Smart Apply process has 4x better completion rates vs status quo, which ensures qualified applicants get their information into your hands! Through our proprietary technology and millions of job postings, you will beat the competition to the best talent.

Jobalign helps you out-hire the competition by:

  • Knowing where and how to advertise hourly jobs, at scale
  • Providing you with a playbook and toolset to recruit faster and more cost-effectively
  • Giving you real-time visibility into your recruiting funnel and where your organization is functioning well, or not
  • Improving your Hourly Hiring ROI

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Don't Get Overwhelmed.

How does it work? Simply log in, upload a job description, choose the application questions you'd like to include, and choose where you want the job to be posted. It's that easy, plus it's secure and mobile-optimized. When the applicants start rolling in, rate them, create and save notes, and move your top choices through each stage of your hiring process.

Take a look at our solution, which offers:

  • Responsiveness for mobile use
  • User-friendly interface for the entire HR team
  • Posting and managing across multiple job boards/placement sites
  • Sorting applicants by post, location and more
  • Integration with electronic onboarding system

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Verified First

Background Screening that doesn't require complex integration and reduces time to hire

We have partnered with Verified First to simplify your ability to screen candidates without ever leaving your ATS. As a result, we help our clients reduce their exposure to risk without adding time to the hiring process.


  • Verified First provides a frictionless experience for both staff and candidates
  • Customizable – Screening packages can be customized by job role.
  • Client Success – Verified First comes with our award-winning client success team for the lifetime of the relationship. 100% US-based.
  • Free Integration - Our patented integration process is so simple, it costs you nothing to integrate.

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Employee Onboarding

Is There a Way To Make It Easier?

Yes. Horizon Payroll Solutions offers 100% automated onboarding. The process is customized for the needs of your business and includes:

  • Secure onboarding form submission
  • Government compliance forms AND your company's specific forms
  • Automatic data storage and backup
  • A cloud-based, easily accessible personnel file
  • Real-time employee hiring progress reports
  • Easy edits to stored documents, such as your employee manual

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WOTC Screening

Don't Overlook These Tax Credits.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit process can be complicated and time is of the essence. Once you officially hire someone, the clock begins ticking. You only have 28 days to submit paperwork. Our solution simplifies the process and gets you the maximum tax credit you qualify for, up to $9,600.

If you hire anyone from the following categories, you're eligible for WOTC:

  • Food stamp recipient
  • TANF or SSI recipient
  • Unemployed for 6+ months
  • Veteran
  • Former inmate

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ACA Automation

Stay in Compliance With Ease.

Use the Horizon Benefits Manager to help automate and manage the process of notifying and tracking employees' responses, employee eligibilit, and enrollment requests.

With quick and easy set-up, our ACA automation gives you:

  • Automated company expense analyses
  • Automated notification documentation
  • Period tracking and rules engine
  • Company and employee ACA status real-time reporting
  • ACA year end reporting 1095C and 1094C

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