Timekeeping Devices That Are Convenient and Low Cost

A Timekeeping Option for Every Business

Designed with payroll cost reduction in mind

Horizon Payroll Solutions’ time management systems are computer based, real-time systems that promote accuracy and efficiency. We offer various designs to suit your exact business needs, each built to ensure critical employee data is captured and delivered in real-time for required management and processing. Implementation costs for our data collection devices is minimal – and certain devices can be implemented at no charge. 



  • Touchless, biometric clock with advanced facial recognition
  • Fast, accurate, and secure (even with a mask!)
  • Eliminate time theft



  • Secure, cloud-based access from anywhere – even home!
  • Embed time clocks in a web page, employee portal, or other platform
  • Manage punches, time-off requests, PTO, and more



  • Affordable and efficient for paperless timekeeping 
  • Includes PIN pad
  • Optional magnetic card, fob activation, and/or fingerprint scanner 
  • Integrates with cloud-based and mobile clocks in your system


SwipeClock Z14

  • User-friendly and convenient for any size workforce
  • Connect multiple clocks to your central system
  • Optional proximity, magstripe card, or PIN access



  • Touchless, facial recognition
  • Thermal scanning for elevated temperature
  • Safety and security that’s quick and easy to use


Mobile Device App

  • Clock in/out on the go
  • GPS-stamped entries
  • Managers can review and approve punches, timecards, and requests



  • Fingerprint identification is quick and easy
  • Antimicrobial coating reduces germ spread
  • Combine with mobile clocks for extra flexibility


SwipeClock Z33 and Z34

  • Secure access with two-factor fingerprint and PIN authentication
  • Durable and efficient for any size workforce
  • Connects multiple clocks to your central system

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