Company Overview

Horizon Payroll Solutions specializes in Payroll and HR strategies with a people-centric approach, which is based on these principles:

  1. Your success translates to our success and we take your business very personally.
  2. Your employees are people, not pay stubs or check numbers. Issues with payroll can cause issues in life.
  3. Superior payroll service involves more than packaged programs and time-tracking; it requires expert advisement in the form of personalized service.
  4. Payroll is not a “one-size fits all” solution. Small businesses, mid-sized businesses and franchise operations have special considerations that demand additional expertise and knowledge.
  5. Growing companies move at a fast pace and this evolution creates the need for more human resources management. Business can be better prepared with human resources tools and advice that ease the growth transition and support further expansion.

We believe your Payroll and HR strategy requires intelligent technology, personal attention from certified people and specialized expertise in the needs and nuances of your business.

Personal Attention: Horizon Payroll Solutions assigns each of our clients a Certified Payroll Representative and dedicated Payroll Advisor. These are direct points of contact you know on a first name basis. They’re here to ensure your business sees immediate results with a customized solution that integrates seamlessly with your preferences and existing operations. They work closely with your business in both direct contact and behind the scenes to ensure ongoing accuracy and to adapt your service as your needs evolve.

Specialized Expertise: From payroll reports and W-2s to timecards and 401k plans, every business has unique processes that work best for their operations – and these requirements can be complex. Because Horizon Payroll Solutions understands this, all of our advisors have a minimum of three years of payroll experience and are required to carry certifications that are updated through continuing education. Your dedicated Advisor is familiar with what works best for you and can process your payroll and HR needs faster and with greater accuracy. As a payroll expert, your Advisor can also better navigate changing requirements and state-specific regulations on behalf of your unique needs.

Our Technology, Your Advantage: Whether it’s standard payroll or a complete suite of timekeeping, payment, reporting and HR solutions, our online tools give you instant access to everything you need. This portal consolidates everything from employee information and payroll reports to workers compensation and timecards, uniting the most complex and sensitive elements of your business in a secure environment. Our intuitive interfaces are designed to eliminate re-keying and faxing of information for improved accuracy and faster transactions. With 24/7 access and detailed activity reports for your payroll and HR solutions, you’ll gain insights that enable us to further streamline processes and save you money. Use the mix of tools that are fastest and easiest for your business. Online, e-mail, fax or phone, Horizon Payroll Solutions works the way that’s best for you.

To see how our people-centric approach to payroll can help your business – contact Horizon Payroll Solutions today.