We Provide Payroll and Tax Support to Small and Growing Businesses Across the Country 


We provide payroll and tax processing services for businesses from 1 to 1,000 employees or more. Today, we have nearly  1,000 customers in 40 states.

Small to Medium Sized Business Experts

Payroll processing requires time, knowledge and attention to detail that small businesses often find in short supply. However, relying on an outside party to manage sensitive information and company funds requires immense trust. That’s why Horizon Payroll Solutions delivers payroll strategies with very personal service.

Franchise and Seasonal Experience

 Franchise operators and seasonal employers face a unique list of payroll and HR demands that require valuable time and energy, especially in high-turnover industries. We integrate payroll and HR solutions into a single solution that streamlines processes, improves performance and minimizes risk.

Knowledgeable in Large Employer HR Issues

We understand that any lapse in efficiency and accuracy multiplies across every employee in a business – and every gain is a competitive edge. Horizon Payroll Solutions has helped hundreds of businesses grow through personalized service, specialized expertise and intelligent technology, without losing the personal touch.

Here Are Some Of Our Loyal Customers

For years now, hundreds of small and growing businesses across the country have strengthened their operations with Horizon Payroll Solutions. 



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  A Sampling of Industries We Serve

Auto Repair/Body Shops Franchises Private Schools
Child Care/Daycare Government Employees Restaurants
Churches Grocery Stores Retail
Construction Companies Household Employees Service Industries 
Contractors/Plumbers Home Healthcare Sports Teams
Country Clubs Hospitality/Hotels Staffing Companies
CPAs Indian Reservations Technology
Distribution Companies Manufacturing  Temporary Services
Doctor’s Offices Medical Practices Title Agencies  
Farms/Landscapers Not-for-Profits Truck Drivers/Transportation

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