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How-To Hire for the Holidays in 2023: 5 Tips to Help Your Business Succeed with Seasonal Hiring


With companies like Target and Amazon already announcing their holiday hiring plans for 2023, it’s important to start thinking about your own business’ hiring plans this upcoming season. Although it’s only October, it’s better to have a proactive approach to hiring before getting caught up in the whirlwind of the holidays that are just around the corner. Here are a few tips to help your business thrive when hiring for the holidays this year.


Plan NOW to Get Ahead of the Seasonal Hiring Game 

I’m sure you’re already starting to see Christmas decorations stocked on shelves in most of the stores you frequent. The same is true for hiring; according to Snagajob, 94% of seasonal jobs will be filled by the end of November, so it pays to start early! Some businesses don’t hit a profit until the holiday season so it’s imperative to already have a game plan for staffing before the rush. 

What’s included in this ‘plan?’ Ask yourself, ‘How many extra workers do I plan on needing?’ or, ‘Given market conditions of other industries similar to mine this year/foot traffic of businesses in my area, how many customers can I expect?’ You can also plan for turnover, especially if you’re in the business of hiring hourly workers.


Finding Nearby Workers

Maybe you’re putting off holiday hiring until the last second because you’re dreading the process of sifting through applicants. Instead of spending time on job boards, use your community resources to find this year’s talent. Utilize nearby schools by working with the nearest college’s career department to post your job.

If the position allows, you could even reach out to colleges in the area for students looking to make some extra cash over break. Also, use your current employee referral network. Ask if they would tell their family and friends about the job (time on the clock moves faster with a buddy!). 


Using the Right Tools

In addition to using your local network to find talent, it’s important to use the right tools for your holiday hiring. If you’re the kind of employer who hates tracking applicants in Excel or emails, our latest partner, Juvo Jobs, has got you covered.

Their easy-to-use app or web interface is accessible on-the-go for your hiring needs, wherever you are. Best of all, there’s no training involved, meaning you can start hiring quickly! It’s also great for employers on a budget, as their affordable pricing structure gives you the flexibility to advertise all of your jobs, all of the time (per location) instead of paying ‘per-posting’ fees like you may be used to on job boards. Overall, finding the right tool to find talent is key in making sure your holiday hiring is a breeze.

Enhancing Your Job Descriptions

Let’s be honest. Of the small percentage of job seekers who are taking the time to read through your job descriptions, they’re spending just seconds to scan them. That’s why it’s important to capture their attention quickly and make your descriptions brief

With attention spans rapidly decreasing, video is taking over as the primary method of displaying information. To capitalize on this, maybe instead of writing a job description, you could capture key responsibilities in video format. Job seekers may be more inclined to apply to the job if they see your enthusiasm in a short clip, or get excited about the team culture when they see the atmosphere of the environment on film (it’s actually a key to employer success on the Juvo Jobs app!).

If video isn’t your strong suit, at least be sure to highlight the most important details, to seekers of course, in your titles, including things like high pay, benefits, or if you offer flexibility in scheduling. 

Screen Thoroughly, Respond Quickly

Once you’ve received interest in your holiday openings, it’s time to set your imaginary timers. The average hourly worker has more than one job, and is more likely to take their next one from the employer who responds first. With planning, you may have more free time to respond quickly to applicants who reach out (which is why tip #1 is crucial) before the rush takes away most of your time.

Although it’s important to reach out to interested applicants in a timely manner, it’s also equally essential to vet/screen them to see if they’re a good fit. Especially if you’re a small business, one bad apple can damage your team environment, or the reputation of having a positive company culture. Also, to reduce the chances of turnover, make sure you’re not wasting anyone’s time, including your own, and be upfront about things like pay, their availability, or their commute time to work. The further away they live, the more likely they are to quit, and saving dollars by increasing retention is key to ensuring your business success. 

Don’t wait! The holiday season is quickly approaching and you want to make sure you’re ahead of the competition when it comes to finding the best, local talent.

Add your seasonal jobs to the Juvo Jobs network and get connected with job seekers in your neighborhood today.

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