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Local Restaurants and their Status

by Scott Langer on March 20, 2020

In these trying times, one of the industries that has been most affected is the sit-down restaurant industry.  We often say that what sets us apart at Horizon Payroll Solutions, is that we’re more of a partner than just a vendor.  To that end, we thought we’d send out a list of our partners that are going to stay open for carryout/curbside or delivery or both.  Some of the restaurants that are doing delivery are using Doordash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub, and others are using some of their staff to do deliveries.  We hope that if you are looking for a meal either for your home or business, that you’ll consider one of our local partners and your local neighbors to patronize.  Stay safe everyone.  Let’s get through this together!!!

Restaurant City Phone Pick up Delivery Hours FaceBook Page
Another Broken Egg All Dayton Locations   Carry Out None 7am-2pm Yes
Bennett's Publical Miamisburg 937-866-4200 Carry Out, Curbside Business Delivery Only 11am-9pm Yes
Broadway Café Trotwood 937-837-6555 Carry Out Delivery 7am-9pm Yes
Chappy's Social House Dayton 937-439-9200 Carry Out Delivery-Doordash 12am-7pm Yes
Christopher's Kettering 937-299-0089 Carry Out, Curbside Delivery 8am-8pm Yes
Clancy's Riverside 937-256-9333 Carry Out None 11am-9pm Yes
Dairy Queen Shroyer Rd Oakwood 937-298-3751 Carry Out None 11am-9:30pm Yes
Dublin Pub Dayton 937-224-7822 Carry Out, Curbside Delivery 11am-9pm 11am-10pm Yes
Five Guys  All Dayton Loc/Springfield    Carry Out Springfield Delivery 11am-9pm Yes
Franco's Italiano Dayton 937-222-0204 Carry Out, Curbside Delivery 11am-8p m Yes
Geez Grill & Pub Dayton 937-439-0001 Carry Out, Curbside None

11am-8pm 11am-10pm

Hot Head Burrito's All Dayton Area Locations   Carry Out Delivery 11am-10pm 11am-11pm Yes
Jet's Pizza All Locations   Carry Out Delivery 11am-10pm 11am-11pm Yes
Joe's Pizzeria Riverside 937-253-8154 Carry Out None 10am-10pm  10am-11pm Yes
Ladder 11 Dayton 937-424-1784 Carry Out, Curbside Delivery 11am-8pm Yes
Mac's Tavern Centerville 937-813-7217 Carry Out None 11am-8pm Yes
McIntosh's Pub & Grub Bellbrook 937-848-3200 Carry Out None 4pm-9pm Yes
Mike's Nashville Hot Austin Landing 937-247-0196 Carry Out Delivery-Doordash 11am-9pm Yes
Pine Club Dayton 937-228-5371 Carry Out None 4:30pm-9pm Yes
Rapid Fired Pizza's All Dayton Area Locations   Carry Out Delivery 10:30am-10pm 10:30am-11pm Yes
Root Beer Stande Kettering 937-640-1144 Carry Out Delivery-Doordash 11am-8pm Yes
Saxby's Coffee All Dayton Area Locations   Carry Out-Drive Thru None 6am-9pm Yes
Skyline Chili Dayton Mall 937-434-3952 Carry Out-Drive Thru Delivery-Doordash 11am-8pm Yes
This Guys Coffee Springboro 937-748-9031 Carry Out-Drive Thru None 6am-8pm Yes
Uno's Chicago Grill Dayton 937-910-8000 Carry Out Delivery-Doordash 11:30am-8pm Yes
Winan's Chocolate and Coffee All Dayton Locations   Carry Out-Drive Thru None   Yes