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November 2022 Newsletter

Horizon Newsletter Header 1 copy

It’s that time of year again, and Horizon Payroll Solutions would like to thank all of you for investing in our business. We know that we couldn’t provide such tailored solutions without your buy in, and we’re grateful for each and everyone of you!

Looking ahead to 2023, our plan is to keep breaking new ground so that your company can continue to improve. Just as no two businesses are alike, we will continue treating your payroll differently, too. We can also manage your employees’ time and attendance, hiring and onboarding, and HR support, along with providing benefits for your workers.

We hope that your staff is fully taking advantage of our unique and competitive benefits. With services such as Flexible StaffCARE, SaveDay, ZayZoon, Norton LifeLock, and BenefitEd, you’ll find that there truly is something for everyone. We hope to further expand our benefits in 2023 and will keep you all posted!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Keep an eye on this space in the future to learn all about our latest and greatest offerings! We guarantee that the very best days of our business are still in the future. That’s because we put so much time and energy into growing our benefits package. Your employees are virtually certain to be excited!

New Solutions from Horizon Payroll

In our continuous effort to help our clients we are incorporating  2 new services


Payro is a payroll funding option to assist employers with short term cash flow challenges.


MyGo is a new app from EmployerontheGo. If you're tired of answering payroll history questions and time off balances, this app will put the power in the hands of your employees They have the flexibility to review payroll history, paystubs, as well as time off, and more.

For additional information about these new services, as well as others, please contact Scott Langer at (888) 434-8244 or

Join the Largest Government Stimulus Program in History

Did you know that you could be eligible for up to $26,000 per employee? Businesses of all sizes can greatly benefit from the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC). In fact, the 2021 program offers up to 70% back (up to $10,000 per quarter) for each employee during the first three quarters of the year. Even better, this is part of the CARES Act’s Employee Retention Credit and is fully refundable.

Did you perhaps choose to adopt the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) back in 2020 or 2021? At that time, most business owners believed that they had to choose between PPP and ERC. Be sure you file an amended version of Form 941, and you can probably use both programs.

As long as your employees carried on a business or trade that either experienced a significant loss in gross earnings or was fully or partially closed by the government during the pandemic, you’ll be able to claim this credit.

You can ensure that you get the most money possible by filing for the ERC. Please contact us at Horizon to assist you in this process.


2022 Year-End Checklist

The human resources end of year checklist is the best way to ensure you take care of everything. Going over the following categories once a year will make it much easier to verify that everything is good. You’ll look at benefits, payroll, compliance, workforce management and HR housekeeping, and data privacy and security. 

Essentially, the Year-End Checklist has been created so that you can get through your end-of-year HR processes with more speed and accuracy. Therefore, don’t simply fill in what you think you know. Instead, check each employee’s records, as applicable, to provide meticulous answers. We know that this may take a while, but we truly believe it’s one of the best uses for your HR department to ensure you are ready for 2023.  

Another benefit of using the Year-End Checklist is that you’ll be certain that no one gets left behind. You can calculate their new salaries once the cost-of-living increase is factored in. In other words, filling out the checklist will help you answer a lot of important questions. 

Keep your Year-End Checklist and notes which l give you something to work off of when it’s time to go through this process again.


How to Evaluate Your Vendors  

The end of the year provides you with the perfect time to evaluate all your vendors. This process is extremely important, so we urge each of you to determine if your vendors work for you or not. Fortunately, there are six different methods you can use to do this.

1 - Cost

The amount of money you owe to your vendors can make a huge difference in what you’re able to do. Therefore, we suggest speaking to each vendor about whether there is anything they can do with your cost point. One thing you can consider is buying bigger bulk orders to receive a nicer discount. Choose carefully as even a different office supply store could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

2 - Delivery Timeliness

Does your supplier always meet your time needs? No matter who you use, there will occasionally be issues with timeliness. However, the thing you need to decide is whether they work in a timely manner most of the time.

3 - Delivery Accuracy

Do you find a lot of mistakes in your order? This can directly impact your delivery accuracy. Determine how many of your orders are completely accurate vs. the ones that aren’t. Unless you’ve got a very high number of accurate orders, you may wish to start looking elsewhere for other solutions.

4 - Flexibility/Capability

Put simply, can you rely on your vendors to be there for you long term? Or do they appear at risk of going out of business? You need to be able to purchase supplies without worrying from the same vendors. If there is anything even slightly sketchy about the way your vendors do business, you may need to start looking elsewhere.

5 - Quality of Service

What type of service does your vendor supply? Are they always kind and upbeat, or do you have to work with someone who makes you grind your teeth in frustration? Do they always take care of any issues in your orders, or do you have to fight them for it? The truth is that there are more than enough vendors for you to leave behind one that has been rude to you or has failed to meet their promises on multiple occasions.

6 - Responsiveness

Are your vendors responsive? In other words, do they quickly address any needs or issues you may have? Or are they more likely to sit back and not do much of anything? Your vendors are doing work for you, so if they can’t meet your basic responsiveness needs, then how are they ever going to work out long term?


As you can see, unless each vendor provides you with quality of service, responsiveness, flexibility, accuracy, timeliness, and cost, it’s probably time to pick out a replacement vendor.

The end of the year is the perfect time to assess each vendor and cut off any who have not been able to satisfy you. Yes, this means even if your company has used the same vendor for several years, unfortunately. Unless you can talk to them and get a better response, it’s time to say goodbye.

What's Next?

After assessing your vendors at the end of the year, it is time to start looking for new vendors that can meet all your needs. To find suitable vendors, consider using online resources like vendor directories or reviews from other businesses in your industry. You should also solicit recommendations from other business owners and colleagues.

Once you have identified a few promising vendors, reach out to them and see if they are able to meet your requirements. If one vendor stands out as the best choice for you, be sure to move quickly and sign a contract before someone else does!

Good luck in your search for new vendors and we wish you all the best in taking care of your business needs.

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