Meet Our Payroll Specialists

Rebecca.pngRebecca Sharp

Payroll Specialist

Real Title: #PayrollGoddess

Becca is a machine. She knows how nice it is to get paid, so she makes sure that all our clients and their staff get paid accurately and in a timely manner. Knowing each customer on a first-name basis is what makes her so special, and what makes us so glad she’s stuck around for 10 years. She races against the clock to clean her desk, but occasionally time wins and she stays late to make sure everything gets done right for her customers.

It makes sense then that outside of work, Becca likes to throw parties.  She is always the hostess, whether she’s onboarding a new customer or entertaining at home. She lives for Fridays so she can spend time with her hubby Sean and 2 kids, Hayden and Hadley at their sporting events. At work and out, Becca is loyal and trustworthy and, thankfully for us, patient.

Tina.pngTina Stewart

Payroll Specialist

Real Title: #PrettyInPink

Tina has been in the payroll and accounting fields for over 20 years and has been with us for three. She can be counted on to deliver her duties with a smile even on the busiest of days, and she loves to help each client feel like they are the only one. Solving unique problems for clients is her passion, and she does it with ease.

Married for nearly 30 years, Tina and her husband Scott enjoy their kitty cat and trips to the beach. Often donned in pink and in her garden, Tina adds so much of her heart to everything she touches. She aims to please, goes the extra mile every chance she gets and makes every person feel like they are the most important.

Linda.pngLinda Trahd

Payroll Specialist

Real Title: #TodayIsANewDay

Linda somehow gets it all done, even when the printer breaks and the system is down. She doesn’t stop until every file is off her desk and every client is happy. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t give individualized service to her satisfied clients.

Her passions outside of work are too many to list, but family is first (her latest title of Grandma is her favorite) followed closely by the Chicago Blackhawks, any animal and even politics. But we don’t hold that against her because somehow she makes it all fun.

Ann.pngAnn Fleischer

Payroll Specialist

Real Title: #EveryoneRemainCalm

Using her special payroll decoder ring, she is able to take what comes her way and make it into payroll gold. Like everyone else at Horizon, Ann goes the extra mile to meet every unique customer request. She can handle crazy days and even make those go smoothly. After 19 years and CPP certification, she’s a seasoned pro and has seen it all.

Ann and her husband of 13 years, Carl, enjoy spending time with their son at museums and anywhere outdoors. Her compassion and dedication are known far and wide both inside and outside of work. Please don’t steal her.

tracy.pngTracy Macy

Payroll Specialist

Real Title: #ShowMeTheMoney

She treats our clients like family even when she is hounding them for payment. Experience and kindness drives what she does at Horizon Payroll Solutions and our customers know she is the real deal. She’s a busy woman, tackling projects and customer problems each day. And, with a smile to boot.

She feeds her soul at the beach with her husband Tim, her 3 kids and 2 grandkids. After 22 years of marriage, they have a lot to share with their family. Tracy is known for being brutally honest and trustworthy, and she is a great asset to our team.

Every Day is Crazy, but Wednesdays are Nuts.

In the payroll world, Wednesdays are the busiest. But whatever crazy day it is, we manage to get it all done, and done correctly.

Our team thrives under pressure and works like mad to make sure the phones get answered and payrolls are processed in time for payday.

We work harder so you don't have to. 

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