Why Spend More Time and Money Managing Your Workforce Than Necessary?

Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Save Money with our Time and Attendance Solutions

For employers and employees alike, our automated timekeeping and scheduling solutions save time, reduce errors and redundancy. It's easy to set up and use and it is integrated seamlessly with your payroll software

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Reduce Human Error

APA (American Payroll Association) studies have shown the typical human error factor in the recording and calculation of labor time to be between 1% - 8%, depending on the process. 

For a retailer with 50 fulltime employees averaging $10/hour, a 1% error rate costs $10,400 each year in wages.

Avoid Manual Effort

APA studies have shown that the manual totaling and auditing of timecards takes an average of 6 minutes per card. An automated system reduces that time to less than 1 minute per timecard.

For a retailer with 50 employees, even saving 3 minutes on each timecard each pay period reduces the time to prepare each payroll by 2.5 hours. That is an extra 65 hours of work each year.

It's costing you money NOT having these solutions

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Our Solutions

Horizon Timekeeping


Our devices help manage time, attendance and PTO and integrates with scheduling, payroll and other Horizon solutions. See All Timekeeping Devices >>

  • Manage Absences and Late Arrivals
  • Monitor Employees and "Buddy Punching"
  • Manage Performance and Reduce Labor Costs

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Horizon Scheduling

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Our versatile scheduling system allows you to plan and schedule with ease, and communicate directly with and between employees. 

  • Create Templates You Can Use Over and Over
  • Schedule Easily With Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Communicate Instantly To Cover or Swap Shifts

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See How We Helped A Customer Keep Track of Its Employees...and Save Money.


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