How It Works

Horizon Payroll Solutions custom-designs our solutions to ensure technology streamlines your operations, instead of getting in the way.

  1. Track Time: Capture employee time and attendance electronically with one of our hardware devices. We offer a variety of devices for collecting employee data, all of which send your employees’ punches to the web for simple editing and reporting by managers and supervisors.
  2. Data Transfer: Data can be sent through a standard phone/fax line (analog) or a digital (Ethernet) connection, depending on your preference and/or location’s accessibility.
  3. Reporting: Once you have selected a data collection method (web, badge card, PIN, fingerprint, etc.), we’ll set up your account according to your labor needs, creating an automated means of tracking and calculating each of your employee’s timecards.

The Horizon Payroll Solutions Commitment
For years now, businesses across the country have grown their operations with Horizon Payroll Solutions. Your success translates to our success and we are committed to delivering exceptional service for your business. See how our people-centric approach to payroll can help your business – contact Horizon Payroll Solutions today!