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How Long Should Employee Onboarding Take

Featured blog post

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1 min read

Top Payroll and HR To-do's for 2021 Year End

It’s the time of year for lists: shopping lists, gift wish lists, to-do lists, packing lists for travel, maybe even lists of lists … and at Horizon Payroll Solutions, we love a good payroll and HR task list too.

If you’re like many employers, you’re preparing to close out 2021 and set up for 2022. But sometimes there’s a nagging feeling you’re forgetting something.

Sound familiar? No worries – we’ve got a list for that! Each year, Horizon Payroll brings you an updated checklist of year-end tasks so you can wrap up the current year and get a head start on the next.

This year’s checklist is ready, and it covers all the topics you need to know about the most: benefits, payroll, compliance, and workforce management. Download your copy here.

Download the 2021 End-of-Year Checklist

What’s on the List?

We’ve tried to think of everything you need to take care of at this time of year (it’s a lot!), including:

  • Updated contribution limits for FSA and HSA plans, 401(k) and IRA plans
  • Important filing and distribution dates
  • Hiring, onboarding, and timekeeping tips and best practice reminders
  • Links to detailed information on critical topics like:
    • COVID-19 Vaccine mandate Q&A
    • Employee classification
    • Minimum wage changes
    • And more …

If you’re a list maker, or even if you’re not, we think you’ll appreciate having this handy information in a single place. And please let us know if you have questions or if there are items you’d like to see in future updates!

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