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No Two Businesses Are Alike, So No Two Payrolls Are Alike.

Small and medium-sized businesses have special needs. We become part of your team, helping manage complicated payroll and tax compliance, as well as the entire life cycle of your employees, from recruitment to offboarding. 

And, we are relentless about satisfying our customers.

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What We Do

Payroll Management

We do the work no one really likes and we do it well. Trust our experts for accurate and timely payroll, tax compliance and credits. Reduce errors and manual work so you can focus on your business. We'll take care of the rest.

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Time and Attendance

Not tracking your staff time is costing you. Our cloud-based solution helps you monitor staff time and productivity and reduce errors and cost. Easy to set up and use, your staff clocks in, you generate reports and link directly with payroll.

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Hiring and Onboarding

Make paperwork a thing of the past with our cloud-based, secure solution. With all of the state and federal forms built in, and a customized portal for your company forms and manuals, we save your staff time and you money.

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HR Support and Alerts

Great businesses need great HR. Our total solution gives you access to HR consultation, help with HR documents and regular HR and legal alerts, and provides federal and state updates that can impact your business and personnel.

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The Journey of a Paperless Employee


With Secure, Cloud-based HR Solutions, Less is More. 

Less Time

Having to enter the same data over and over again is frustrating and time consuming. An integrated solution that shares data decreases the time-per-hire and gets people to work faster.

Less Money

Many HR departments unnecessarily suck money out of company pockets. Streamlining the hiring process makes everyone more productive, decreases the overall cost-per-hire and turns HR into a cost-saver.

Less Paper

The number of trees that end up on the desks of HR departments is unbelievable! Making HR paperless cuts down on company paper costs, eliminates hand-written inaccuracies, and helps out the environment.

Less Confusion

Paying employees  is one of the most important functions of a company. Making this process more streamlined, collaborative and transparent helps to better manage the most valuable asset – the team!



"Horizon makes us feel as if they're our partner, not just a vendor. Their solutions are tailored for the way we do business."

Dan Apolito

Archer's Tavern

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"The level of customer service is amazing. They are very attentive to what I need. I'm not a number to them, I'm a person."


Christine Morris
10 Wilmington Place

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"They spend the time to learn our specific challenges and work closely with us to make us a better and more efficient organization."

Mike Klafehn
Kane County Cougars

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Latest From Our Blog

From topics about human capital management to the latest in tax compliance, our blog delivers information on the issues important to you and your business.

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Issues With Payroll and Human Resources Cause Issues With Life.

Payroll, Time Management and HR aren't optional, but you have optionsWe take the time to understand your needs to develop a solution as unique as your business. Our experts are your partners, so you can focus on your business and your employees can thrive.

Worry Less with Horizon Payroll and Human Capital Management Solutions

Payroll and tax compliance can be time-consumming and confusing. Our experts know you by name and help you navigate the process so it is seamless for your team.

Your Employees Deserve Careful Attention From Actual People

From recruitment to offboarding, our suite of products ensures the entire life cycle of your staff is well managed. Our team works with you to get the most out of your investment.

Are You Looking for a Partner to Help You Manage Your Business? 

You'll actually know who is processing your payroll. And, Horizon gives you more for your money. We tell you what you need before you need it and don't charge for all "extras."

Are you ready to start saving money, time and headaches and let Horizon manage your payroll and HR?

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