Designed with payroll cost reduction in mind, Horizon Payroll Solutions’ time management systems are computer based, real-time systems that promote accuracy and efficiency. We offer various designs to suit your exact business needs, each built to ensure critical employee data is captured and delivered in real-time for required management and processing. Implementation costs for our data collection devices is minimal – and certain devices can be implemented with no charge.

biometric-2.png vogueinspire-mac-bg1Updated.png
Fingerprint/Biometric Reader Online
horizon_mobile.png FlexClock_VersionZ11-1.png
Mobile Device Proximity/Pin-Entry Time Clock
FlexClock_VersionZ14_mag-1.png facialrecog.png
Magnetic Strip Time Clock Facial Recognition Time Clock


Trust Horizon Payroll Solutions and our people-centric approach to help you learn more about our devices and identify the ideal solution for your operation. Whether it’s payroll services or a complete suite of timekeeping, payment and HR solutions, our online tools provide you instant access to everything you need. For the customized plan that best suits your business, contact Horizon Payroll Solutions today!